by pooched

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tired of U 00:49
all the herb's been smoked and all your bridges burned so set in your ways, no matter the way you frame it in other words pull the wool from your eyes pull hands through matted hair stem's long fractured still you're holding the broken chair you know i'm tired of U you know i'm tired of me too the things you don't want anymore scattered out on the table i don't want them either
waste your time on me who am i to disagree with your bad decisions? and it echoes in my head all the things i wish i'd said but didn't tell you sleeping alone's not the problem it's waking up without you that's the bummer and if i were to die right here would you kindly pour some beer that's how i'll know you're there
ur spellz 02:12
i know the feeling well and i fuckin hate it so desperate for your approval i guess i'd do anything sell all my records, dress me in denim jackets you can keep it, i don't want it, you can have it don't cast your spell on me don't waste your energy you're looking for someone to push around i'm not the one chickens are pecking on your lawn i crack a window every day at dawn the sky seems a little bit clearer today so i'd like you, well i don't like you but i want you to stay away
good enuff 01:18
hey, i woke up feeling good enuff today and you would stay in bed until the dog needs to go out and my best friend would go with me to grab a coffee while everyone is sleeping on the floor how could i ask for anything more? squeeze my hand 'til it hurts, tell a joke subvert my own impossible standards it was never your poetry that fucked with me jealousy, callousness, arrogance, uncertainty i could write a hundred pages, i did write a hundred pages sitting somewhere in a basement fuck you, i'm good enuff telling me that i suck telling me that if i loved you i'd just be a better person fuck you, i'm good enuff hey, i woke up feeling good enuff today
earlybird 01:03
standing here in a basement writing my name in wet cement wondering if that's what they meant, what they said about my heavy handed metaphor nothing you've never heard before feeling lucky you adore the same things that i do would you go over there with me? flowers are coming up soon cherry blossoms are in bloom we got nothing left to do but count 'em looking out my window looking at somewhere i'd like to go hoping that you'd like to go there with me too
$$$ 01:04
all of a sudden, everyone wants to talk about everything i don't wanna. i don't wanna open that box i don't wanna, i wanna get outta my head all of a sudden, no one seems to care about what i'm saying who's to gain? somebody's makin' big money someone's makin' money! there comes a time to draw the line and i'm gonna make it stop.
tercel 01:42
like the splinters in the floorboards fingers on the chalkboard horrible annoyance sick and tired of it think i told you, i forgot now i'm laid out like a dog maybe i'll sleep better one day. swallow self-doubt, breathe out fire perpetual coming out has got me tired my mood, my bad mood ruined your day i'm so sorry try to remember what it's like not to feel worried all the time -- oh no, i don't think i can. try to hide it but it shows, try to leave unturned some stones what's to show from turning them? i know what i wanna do cruise in your tercel with you it's true take me with you
liesayer 01:12
secret messages aren't hard to find when they're right there in the title i know you're up to something with that awkward little smile say you wanna live your truth liesayer, what are you gonna do? fingers crossed behind your back, am i delusional, if i don't comply? dim the lights, deny
empty offer 02:31
you promised everything short of stopping the rain for me and i try to keep dry it's been a really wet winter every time i go over it in my mind again every time i verbalize it's like it happens again it's like it happens all over again i'll bury it you shut the door you got busy, you got bored and i'm trying to stay warm you're trying to ignore
c'mon spill 01:08
could you understand if i told you again and again? could i throw a rock and hit it or am i too far? can't stand being ignored can't stand your eyes on me and if i open my mouth what'll come out
you've been itching to get outta town for quite awhile now you've been dragging me every time you change your mind so quick to react questions seemed innocuous to me took the other way around, although you know it's worse took a bite out of the ground, spat it out for what it's worth when all curses will be faded where you gonna put the blame? get outta town
get down 00:55
bones break so easy bodies quit, before it's time and i'm wonderin' do i wanna know? i don't wanna know muscles pull apart brains don't always do what they're supposed to do i put myself up here now i wanna get down, WANNA GET DOWN.


pooched is melly, kate, and tyty.

this album was recorded in the spring of 2019 after a tour of bc and alberta. the songs are about life and love and friends and a car whose big bumper maybe saved my life and being cold and being tired and wanting to stop thinking and wanting to stop being looked at, amongst other things. but, if not more, they are about making music. i hope that you will listen to them and maybe want to make music too.

thanks to all our buds who have helped us do cool shit over the last little while. and thank you to all who will help us continue to do cool shit. xox


released January 18, 2020

music by pooched
guest vocals on #2 and #6 by stephan
recorded by jesse gander at rain city recorders
mastered by greg wilkinson at earhammer studios
cover photo by patches
gingerale@gmail.com for more info!


all rights reserved



pooched Victoria, British Columbia

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